The Accessible Experience Conference (AEC) aims to share the international opportunities of higher education mobility with young students with a disability as highlighting that the mobility experiences are accessible for anyone. For the 3rd time, the conference will be organised by volunteers of the Erasmus Student Network Turkey at South Besiktas Campus of Bahcesehir University on 14th of December, 2019. Participation is completely free.

In order to strengthen awareness of the international mobility experience, students who currently study in our country through international exchange programs such as Erasmus+ will also be participating AEC. The conference will have an engaging agenda including presentations, interviews and various activities. During the conference, participants will have the opportunity to meet with students with a disability who have been educated abroad through international exchange programs and to learn their unique experiences and the steps they follow in this adventure. Opportunities for socialising and sharing the experience by a variety of activities will be offered to local and international students in order to support their acquisition.

A sign language translator will accompany the speakers and participants for the accessibility of the conference.

The Accessible Experience Conference is organised within the scope of the ESN Turkey ExchangeAbility programme and supported by ESN Turkey SocialErasmus programme.

For questions and opinions, you can contact the organization team via